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We have something special for you. From great gift wrapping to novel cartons and crates for drinks to practical chests and treasure chests. From our standard range or produced individually according to your wishes. This way you stand out from the competition. can help you on this.

High Quality

Quality controls

By means of our broad network of manufacturers and strict on-site quality controls at our manufacturers in Europe and Asia we ensure: timely delivery of high-quality goods at competitive prices. makes it happen. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Competitive Prices

Price controls

Whether you purchase your individual manufactured products through us, or chosing from the standard product range: We hold the price as low as possible with optimal quality. A big range of manufacturers, direct support and control of the production on site will help us with this matter.

About us

You want something special for your present and the wrapping? You are looking for a stylish way to discreetly store bed linen, Lego bricks and your sports articles until you need them again? Chests you can use as coffee tables, boxes that are presents in themselves, special packaging for wine that enhances the taste of the sophisticated drink, beer crates that make the taste of beer even better?

With the range at you will always find the right choice for you!

How about an exquisite yet affordable wine case to go with the sophisticated wine? A visual eye-catcher that people will remember and that will continue to give the recipient pleasure and instil gratitude to you in them.

Your drinks, home-made oils or a present chosen with love need wrapping that will survive the contents and ensure ongoing positive atmosphere? Even selecting the appropriate wrapping will give you pleasure.

Retro wooden beer crates and beer carrier boxes for 3 – 24 bottles are the perfect present or gift for every celebration or party.

There is no man who would not like an advent calendar filled with 24 bottles of beer. We can provide you with the respective crates.

We all know book shelves and furniture creatively designed from wooden carrier boxes, we can provide you with boxes in various designs.

Together with our production partners in Europe and Asia, we design and produce the perfect packaging for you! Whether according to your own ideas or from our range (mostly available for immediate delivery at our warehouse in Austria):

There is no expectation to a box, chest, gift or drink packaging that is too high for us. – exclusive, practical, affordable, unique, tailor-made, personalised.

Please contact us with regards to your individual requests.


Endlich Weinkisten mit Stil! Unsere Kunden und Geschäftspartner freuen sich schon auf die nächsten Wei(h)nachtspräsente! Und ich mich auch :-).

Alexander Lehner

Immer wieder fragen Eltern nach originellen Verstauboxen, um die Spielsachen am Abend schnell und unauffällig verschwinden lassen zu. Dank eurer Truhen können wir jetzt die perfekte Lösung anbieten!

Hans Mühlmann

Danke an das myboxes -Team! Ihr habt es trotz der schwierigen Anforderungen innerhalb relativ kurzer Zeit geschafft, die Weinkisten herstellen zu lassen und zu liefern – mit unserem Firmenlogo! Danke, gerne wieder.

Brigitte Angerer

Hat alles gepasst. Auch der Preis ok. Danke!

Pokorny Josef

Uns haben noch ein paar Verpackungen für unser Sortiment gefehlt. Qualität sollte gut sein, Produkte nicht 08/15. hatte die passenden Artikel auf Lager, wir innerhalb von 2 Tagen unsere Waren.

Andreas Hutter